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Police Auctions Canada Partners

The vast majority of items auctioned by Police Auctions Canada are derived from law enforcement agencies and other public municipalities.

Police Auctions Canada brings the consumer an exciting online auction format with the thrill of Police Auctions.

NEW Auto Bid Extend feature is now active. If a bid is placed during the last minute of an auction, the auction will be extended automatically for an additional 1 minute. This extended time will give bidders a chance to challenge bids placed in the final countdown of an auction. The auctions will close and a winner declared when the bidding activity stops.

Exciting News! We are pleased to announce Durham Regional Police has joined Police Auctions Canada.

18K Gold Oval Cut Green Amethyst Ring- Police Auctions
Current Bid: $351.75
14K Blue Topaz/ Diamond Pendant Necklace- Police Auction
Current Bid: $300.50
925 Sterling Black/White Diamond Band -Police Auctions
Current Bid: $111.75

14K Yellow Gold Jadeite & Diamond Ring- Police ...
Current Bid: $304.08
No. of Bids: 22
Ends: 01/30 10:02 PM EST
10K White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring - Police Au...
Current Bid: $252.75
No. of Bids: 18
Ends: 01/31 10:38 PM EST
14K White Gold Multi Gemstone Ring - Police Auc...
Current Bid: $251.15
No. of Bids: 12
Ends: 01/31 10:26 PM EST
18K White Gold Men's Braided Ring Band- Police ...
Current Bid: $249.75
No. of Bids: 14
Ends: 01/31 9:14 PM EST
Rocky Mountain OxygenRace 27spd FS Bike - Polic...
Current Bid: $236.75
No. of Bids: 24
Ends: 01/28 7:43 PM EST
18K Gold Diamond Earrings: 1.04 ct. - Police Au...
Current Bid: $221.75
No. of Bids: 7
Ends: 02/01 10:16 PM EST
14K Yellow Gold Diamond/Amethyst Pendant-Police...
Current Bid: $151.00
No. of Bids: 20
Ends: 01/26 9:32 PM EST
Specialized RockHopper 21-Speed Bike - Police A...
Current Bid: $137.25
No. of Bids: 14
Ends: 01/28 10:50 PM EST